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Who we are?
Easy Robots was created to help business owners change for the better. We want not only to provide modern automation solutions , but also to enable you to implement completely new standards of operations . All this so that you can achieve your business goals and meet customer expectations even more effectively. We provide the latest technologies that change not only the approach to work, but also to life.
We offer a wide range of innovative industrial robots for applications in many industries, robotic CNC, welding and palletizing stations. Our assortment includes devices with various parameters and functions, which we will adjust individually to your needs and goals.
We are not afraid of the most bold and innovative solutions . Therefore, as the only Polish manufacturer, we offer 6-axis manipulators and provide comprehensive services in the field of automation and robotization of production. Our devices are multifunctional and have a wide range of applications.
Comprehensive production and assembly facilities
equipped with the latest equipment and a testing laboratory are the guarantee of the quality of Easy Robots. By betting on them, you are choosing an automated future for your business.
Who do we create for?
For all those companies in need of change. And for those whose potential can be unleashed by cutting-edge technologies that change the outlook on both work and everyday life. We offer solutions for a wide range of industries, tailoring them to the needs of small, medium and large enterprises alike.
Easy Robots is a company strongly focused on providing advanced technological solutions that will work wherever it is necessary to increase the comfort of your work, or even completely replace a human being in routine, heavy work. The 21st century offers a wealth of possibilities that we can help you take advantage of.

In line with the global trends of industry 4.0, we have the latest generation production technologies and we care for both modern design that immediately attracts the attention of recipients and functionality. We create for manufacturers searching for solutions that increase efficiency and improve the quality of production.

It all makes, that we help in improving safety, standardization of work methods and increase the cost-effectiveness of operations. We also provide affordable prices, as you will find out when starting cooperation with our company.
By using Easy Robots technology, you will achieve the kind of return on investment that will help you compete effectively with the largest companies in your industry.
What do we provide?
Innovative and proven solutions
Professional advice and consultation
Necessary knowledge and training
Product warranty
Remote service and assistance
Availability of spare parts
Necessary software modifications

Easy Robots - innovative technologies for industry

At Easy Robots, we are not afraid of challenges and we set ourselves new goals every day. We know perfectly well that you also want to take your business to the next level. This is possible with our intelligent business solutions. At Easy Robots, we provide business owners with state-of-the-art automation solutions, but we also enable you to implement a completely new standard of working. The industrial robots, welding stations or robotic bending and CNC machining stations we offer, which are used in many industries, can be individually tailored to your needs and goals.

What do you gain from modern solutions from Easy Robots? 

Above all, you will achieve your business goals more effectively, meet your customers' expectations and make your offering more competitive. You will also find it extremely easy to adapt Easy Robots solutions to the specifics of your daily work. 

At Easy Robots, we also have a clear vision for your business - we know you do too, so you are in a good place. So, if you need a change, want to use state-of-the-art technology, as well as increase your daily working comfort and replace human action in routine, heavy and repetitive work, and sometimes in some aspects also dangerous work, take advantage of the opportunities our industrial robots offer you. We have combined the best of reliability, safety, functionality and aesthetics in them. Amongst other models, we offer our customers the ES5 and ES8 robots, which operate dynamically yet with extreme precision. The ES5 industrial robot manoeuvres a load of up to 5 kg, while the ES8 can work with loads of up to 8 kg. It is also worth mentioning that we are the only Polish manufacturer to offer our customers 6-axis manipulators. We provide competitive prices, which you will find out when you start working with us. Feel free to contact us for details of our offer.


A group of closely cooperating companies focusing on the production and supply to their customers of modern products in the metal and food industries, automation of production processes, and home heating devices. The variety of products offered allows us to successfully diversify production, provide our customers with modern solutions while developing the chosen directions of each company. Many years of experience of the staff, production capabilities as well as the existing machinery enable us to successfully compete with leading manufacturers of individual industries on the Polish and European markets.

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