robot przemysłowy ES5 w kolorze czarnym z chwytakiem

6-axis GI manipulators - Check our solutions!

In times when the demand for products changes at the speed of light, entrepreneurs must be more flexible and open to the needs of the market. Easy Robots are the first Polish 6-axis GI robots with a lifting capacity of up to 5 kg.
We offer a wide range of innovative manipulators for many industries. We also offer robotic CNC stations, palletizing and packaging, robotic welding stations of the EasyCell series, semi-product automated machining CNC cells (BOX CNC) and manufacturing cells. We specialize in the field of automation of production and carry out customised projects.

Compact and lightweight

The light, compact design allows for adaptation in other manufacturing cell.

Universal and multitask

Ideal for small series in mass production – a fast changeover when switching of products.

Robotic cells easy-to-operate and configure

Intuitive operator’s panel and EScontrol software.

Robotic cells

CNC machines

Automated welding

CNC bending brakes

Packing and palletizing