Our products are used in every industry. We deal with automation matched to the needs. What does this mean in practice? Our solutions are fully adapted to the specificity of each client's business. We increase efficiency, optimize basic production processes and shorten the procedures necessary during assembly.

We deal with every aspect related to the functioning of robotics on the company's premises. We use both single, specialized modules as well as entire installations composed of many machines.
Metal processing

The use of industrial robots allows to limit the contact of employees with potentially hazardous activities. In addition, robotic arms adapt much faster to design changes and are able to adapt to constantly changing conditions. Manipulators are also adapted to work within the CNC. Automation proves invaluable in the case of repetitive operations. For example, an EASY CELL allows for the implementation of orders that require very high precision when cutting or joining metal elements. In addition, the product allows retooling of the machine while the station is in operation.
Industrial manipulators remain precise in every situation, and the investment even in partial robotization significantly increases the quantity and quality of each end product.

Plastics and the chemical industry

Industrial robots perform well in all areas of plastics production. They are an excellent investment as they reduce the need to perform certain tasks by employees. In this way, they reduce the number of accidents in the workplace. The production of plastics and polymers requires great flexibility. In this aspect, robotic sleeves perfectly adapt to changing conditions. They will perfectly match individual materials to different processing methods and temperature ranges. In addition, industrial manipulators facilitate dispensing products, filling containers, and then their screwing. They make it easier to maintain precision during packing and palletizing. In addition, they will relieve employees of repeated wrapping, sorting and counting.

Automotive industry

The robotic arm is one of the important elements that allow you to shorten the procedures on the assembly line. Automation of production is a step not only towards greater efficiency, but also an increase in security on the company's premises. Industrial robots are lightweight and easy to implement machines that allow for better organization of resources. Robotics in Industry 4.0 focus on activities that require human participation and facilitate work that requires incredible precision or very high strength. The implementation generates higher profits with low basic costs. Industrial robots have a very large range of applications in the automotive industry. Larger manipulators are used, among others in welding body parts, while smaller ones for mounting various types of clamps. In addition, industrial robots deal with painting, varnishing, as well as applying seals and covering parts with glue before direct connection. Precise force control and vision control are also important, which are effective in machining, cutting and trimming individual parts.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

Robotics in industry performs a number of tasks. The advantage of industrial automation is that it allows you to adjust the equipment perfectly to the needs of each plant. In the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, industrial robots are used to pack medical devices or help mix reagents or components. Industrial manipulators are also effective when working with the end product, i.e. packaging and palletizing. They allow you to precisely dose individual batches of implementation. They ensure very high precision in wrapping, marking and filing. The robotic arms also make counting and dosing easier. All the above-mentioned possibilities allow to significantly increase the efficiency of production lines, and thus the profits generated by the company.

Furniture industry

Production automation concerns not only assembly aspects, but also relocation. Industrial robots can be used in many aspects - in the case of the furniture industry, robots support stacking, packing, putting together individual elements, as well as processing components. Industrial manipulators enable robotic palletization. An investment in industry 4.0 allows, for example, to optimize both the packaging and the segregation of small parts. The biggest advantage, however, is the saving of resources in terms of employee energy. The robotic arm reduces the risk of injuries associated with a demanding workplace.

Food industry

Robotic arms and solutions based on automatic systems are effectively used in the food industry. Industrial manipulators can be used to pack jars as well as their filling. In addition, they can be used for gluing, marking, tightening or segregating specific batches. They also work well in agriculture. Robotic arms are extremely useful in production, processing and distribution related to the agricultural industry. Modernization of your own company allows you to transfer some of the basic and more complicated procedures to machines.


The implementation of robots in the technology industry brings a number of advantages. This applies in principle to every phase: from design to implementation and post-warranty service. Robotic arms allow you to make very precise products with an accuracy of 0.1 mm; they can also be adapted very quickly to new projects. Industrial manipulators enable THT assembly, through-hole SMT / SMD assembly, as well as mechanical assembly for elements such as fasteners or casing. In addition, the changes to assumptions themselves are easy to implement, and thus the company benefits from quick adaptation.

Quality control

In the case of industry, robots and robotic arms do not have to be solely responsible for project execution. Their task is, first of all, to reduce the number of employees' tasks. This mainly applies to burdensome duties from the perspective of many hours of work. In the case of a human being, the efficiency drops in this case. In turn, the purchase of industrial robots allows you to better organize the method of human resource management, while at the same time excluding errors during quality control.

Other industries

Industrial robotics knows no limitations in terms of applications - there is no industry in which it would not be helpful. A basic reduction of the obligations related to packing or moving from place to place is enough. Human resources are always better to concentrate around tasks that cannot be automated by robots. Whenever it is possible to optimize production processes, it is the investment in robots that should be the first step.

Your industry is not listed in our offer? Do you run a business or production focused on the implementation of specialized products or orders? In this case, please contact us. Industrial robotics is a wide department that allows us to adapt our devices to individual needs, even if it is necessary to use non-standard methods. It is enough to show us what your brand needs - and we will prepare the appropriate solutions.

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