EASY CELL welding cell

Welding cell

Cela spawalnicza EASY CELL to zautomatyzowane stanowisko spawalnicze z dwoma obszarami pracy, na którym praca operatora i robota spawalniczego wykonywana jest równolegle. Do zadań tego pierwszego należy załadowanie lub rozładowanie obrabianych detali, natomiast robot spawalniczy, wykonuje jednocześnie spawanie MIG, MAG lub TIG na kolejnych detalach.
Cela zintegrowana z robotem spawalniczym nie tylko zwiększa tempo produkcji, ale także zmniejsza zapotrzebowanie na wykwalifikowanych fachowców, ponieważ może ją obsługiwać szeregowy operator po odpowiednim przeszkoleniu.

An integral part of the welding cell is an enclosed welding station equipped with a welding robot, a rotary table with a system of holes to facilitate the fixing of instruments, a control cabinet and a mobile operator panel. In order to be able to control the welding process, the cell has been equipped with a viewfinder with UV filter located in the front partition and two windows, located on the sides of the welding station.

Robotic welding as an alternative to manual welding is perfect for medium- and multi-series production as well as multi-assortment production. Its repeatability is so high that the products resulting from the automatic process do not require additional processing.

In the case of our EASY CELL welding cell, the current source, welding torches and accessories in the form of tooling can be configured to the individual customer's requirements.

przyłącze do wyciągu spawalniczego
wieża sygnalizacyjna
mobilny panel operatora
okna z filtrem UV
wizjer z filtrem UV
unoszona przegroda
stół z systemowymi otworami fi16
szafa sterująca
Lower costs
The cell operator does not need to have specialized competences, nor does he need appropriate training or welding qualifications. All that is needed is a general familiarization of the employee with the operation of the station and a possible explanation of the settings program.
In this way, we can significantly reduce employment costs.

The welding robots and integrated welding cells are equipped with touchscreen monitors that allow easy operation of the equipment. A programme wizard, meanwhile, makes it easy to write a ready-made algorithm for a component from scratch.

Safety and ergonomics at work
Welding cells allow a significant reduction in harmful working conditions. The entire process takes place inside the cell, which has a connection to a central extractor or optional built-in dust and fume extraction, and reduces workers' exposure to ultraviolet radiation. This eliminates the need for fences. On the other hand, the cell itself can be repositioned several times, optimising space on the production floor.
Low costs
Although welding cells conceal sophisticated equipment, they are not demanding in terms of maintenance. Only components related to the welding process require standard maintenance.
Performance without interruption
The welding robot works without interruption and the assembly and disassembly of workpieces is carried out without stopping the machine - each welding cell is equipped with a rotary table, which facilitates this process without interfering with the continuity of the work.
High quality and repeatability
Even the best welder can make a mistake that causes a delay in production or loss of material. In contrast, welding robots that are well programmed can handle the most complex tasks while maintaining high repeatability without making mistakes.

Welding cell from Easy Robots

Our welding cells enable a welding robot and an operator to work simultaneously, by which significantly increases the welding rate. At the same time, they reduce the financial outlay while guaranteeing excellent quality of the manufactured elements due to the high repeatability of the activities carried out. Why is awelding cella great investment?

Above all, it stands out from other solutions. It provides maximum safety (it is a small, sealed workstation), increases ergonomics.

The cell can also be easily moved to another production area. It offers the possibility of MIG, MAG and TIG welding (depending on the equipment selected). The costs of implementing a welding cell are also relatively low.

Even though the presence of an advanced welding cell and the automation of processes occurring in more and more companies decide to do this, a good and experienced welder is necessary to control, supervise and perform more difficult welds. The remaining work can be performed using the described Easy Robots cell.

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