Robogrant pilot programme already launched - for the furniture industry

On November 8, the #robogrant pilot program was launched, the aim of which is to increase the competitiveness of the domestic furniture industry through technological transformation. The main point is to place greater emphasis on robotization and automation of production among Polish furniture manufacturers. This will increase the quality of products as well as the flexibility and efficiency of production itself.

Here are some important facts about Robogrants that you need to know:

What can you use Robogran financing for?

You can use the grant obtained under the program for:

  • Purchase, installation and launch of an industrial robot in your company along with complementary machines and devices needed for production;
  • Purchase of intangible assets necessary for the installation and integration of the purchased fixed assets with the machinery for their proper operation, e.g. for training.

What companies can receive funding from Robogran?

Small and medium-sized companies operating in our country can apply for the Robogrant

  • run an active business in the field of furniture production (applies to section 31 of the PKD);
  • achieved sales revenues of not less than PLN 3 million in at least two of the three closed financial years preceding the year in which they submitted the grant application.

How much can you gain under Robogran?

You can gain up to PLN 850,000 maximum. The eligible costs of the project are PLN 1,000,000.> The pool of funds to be allocated in the project is PLN 29,000,000. However, the maximum support for the project value is 85%. This means that your own contribution to the implementation of the project is a minimum of 15% of eligible funds.

When can you submit an application?

Applications can be submitted from November 8 to December 6, and you will find all the necessary information and documents needed to submit Robogrants HERE>>.

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