STOM-ROBOTICS Industrial Robotics Exhibition 2020

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020

STOM-ROBOTICS Industrial Robotics Exhibition which is part of the Industrial Spring of the Kielce Fair this year, exceptionally, due to the epidemiological situation in our country, it took place in autumn - from September 22 to 24. Despite restrictions on the organization of trade fair events, the number of visitors exceeded our expectations.

At our stand, we presented a robotic station with three cooperating ES5 manipulators. In addition, we showed our latest unmanned robot ER-300 AGV working together with a UVC-MED germicidal lamp. The last stand was a welding cell, which won the recognition of the fair organizers and was honored with the medal of the STOM-ROBOTICS Industrial Robotics Exhibition.. Thank you very much for this honorable distinction.

During the event, we held several dozen very specific conversations regarding robotization and automation plans of Polish enterprises. As you can see, the government's announcements regarding tax relief are already bearing fruit, because the interest in the solutions we propose is significant.

Thank you to everyone who visited our stand. We hope that our joint conversations will turn into many interesting projects that we will soon implement together.



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