Industry 4.0 – what is it?

Industry 4.0 - what is it?

Industry 4.0 - what is it? Humanity has so far witnessed three major industrial revolutions that have changed our world beyond recognition and given us completely new...

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Industry 4.0 – what is it?

How are industrial robots different from other robots?

Industrial robots of various kinds are increasingly appearing in industrial halls. Depending on the tasks they are to perform, they vary in design, functionality and names. What are the differences between the various devices used in factories and when should they be used?

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At Easy Robots, we help business owners implement innovative solutions and introduce completely new standards in their business. Thanks to this, you can also achieve your business goals, meet customer expectations and even exceed them. Moreover, you will also gain a competitive advantage, which is of great importance. The industrial robots offered at Easy Robots have an extremely wide range of applications. Most importantly, these are devices with various parameters and many functions that we can adjust individually, taking into account the needs of your company. In this section, we post news from which you will learn, among others: who an industrial robot programmer is, how extremely future-proof robotization of workplaces is, and you will also see what our stand looked like during many fair events.

Robotisation of workplaces - find out the advantages of industrial robots

The task of an industrial robot is to replace humans in routine and repetitive tasks. Currently, we see industrial robots more and more often in various enterprises - they are light, easy to adapt, and extremely precise. Most often, they are used to rotate and position various elements on the production line, and they also play a huge role on assembly lines and in the packaging process. Industrial robots not only speed up work, but also make it more precise. It is also very easy to adjust their pace and the nature of the activities performed. Industrial robots significantly contribute to the efficiency of every company's daily operations. In which industries are industrial robots particularly useful? You will find out by going to the article .

Will robots take our jobs?

One thing is certain - robots make our work much easier. They perform many activities (including welding stations ) for us, but they also create new opportunities and, therefore, new jobs. As it turns out, the global installation of robots in 2018 accounted for over 422,000. pieces. We are also still observing a significant growth rate of robots in enterprises. But can we talk about technological unemployment? We encourage you to read this article .

Find out more about the advantages of industrial robots, or the tax relief for purchasing robots from the articles you will find in this category.

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